18 January 2007

Typhoon Update

The Typhoons begin the next half of the season this coming Saturday. We finished off the first half with a commanding win against Causeway Bay Pirates. I believe the final score was 39-0. A fine drubbing indeed.

I played the whole game once again, as it seems we can't find any other crazy volunteers to play front row. Despite the 39-0 score, we lost one important part of the team due to yet another leg injury. It seems we are hexed, and if trends continue I'm next in line to have my legs broken. (The last two guys to go down were both front rowers, much larger than me so they fall harder I guess) So everyone cross your fingers that I manage to avoid the hex and stay upright.

During the game our new addition Dean nearly took the head off the oposition at least 3 times. He's quite a huge monster, and he's quick. I'm glad he's now on our team, we need some strength to match the fat Police. We play the Police this Saturday. It's a good time, because it's the only chance you have to beat up on the cops without penalty of jail. Unfortunately the Typhoons lost to 'em last time, but we were very weak that game and the ref was rubbish. We'll probably just forfeit this time if it's the same moron, and save some energy for drinking beer later.

Also coming up is the Tequilla Mockingbird tour to Guam. Tequilla Mockingbirds? Yup, that's the extremely unoriginal name the Typhoons came up with for the travelling team. We get new jerseys and everything for this trip. I haven't mentioned much about it yet, because I really don't know anything about it other than we're going to Guam for a weekend. The plane leaves on Feb 2nd I think. The tour manager has arranged an 'itinerary' of shinanigans and other bad behaviour I'm sure, so there will be some stories to tell.

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