19 January 2007

Canadian Content

Why do I loathe Candian Art writers? The following from a CBC.ca article entitled, "Young Canadian scores solo show at U.K.'s National Gallery" is a perfect example.

The first thought that came into my mind, was that 'hooray, a young artist from Canada actually got mentioned in a Canadian article!' Trust me it doesn't happen often. I was soon dissapointed. Turns out that this so called 'young' artist is none other than 34-year-old Tim Gardner. Since when is 34 young? It's not even remotely young!!! This is why the art scene in Canada ranks pretty damn low compared to most other developed nations. You have to be 34 to be considered a young artist!? So what happens to all the genuinely young artists, you know, the ones under 30! That's what young is! Oh ya i forgot, they are all sucked dry of their money during a wasted 4 years of art school, believing that their country will give a damn about their art when they finish school. Hahahaha. Am I bitter? Only slightly.

What angered me even more about this article is the use of the term 'photo-realism.' Wouldn't that mean Tim's painting would have to be realistic? I've seen his paintings, and for one they are not even close to photo realistic, and they are no different than what every hack of a painter in 1st year art college can do. Actually I've seen more realistic work from 10 year olds.

I don't personally enjoy photo realism when it comes to paintings, so this didn't bother me as much as the attention Tim was getting for being 'young.' I'm all for artists getting support, but the ones who need it most are the ones doing work worth looking at, not the normality that is Tim Gardner's paintings. I know at least 5 friends from ACAD whose paintings are vastly more interesting than this crap.

The author of this article didn't stop at making me laugh about just the young part. He/She writes the following well known over stated fact.

"Though not well-known in Canada, Gardner has already started to make an impression in the international art world, including with his well-received debut solo exhibition in New York in 2001."

Hooray, yet another artist from Canada that had to move away in order to find success. Maybe if the Tories stay in power another term we can just ban art in Canada all together, that sounds like a good idea. I've heard people say this on a daily basis about Canada's commitment to the arts, yet nothing is ever done. Good for Tim for at least making a dime. I hope he doesn't spend any of it back in Canada because the country doesn't derserve it.

Also making me laugh was this little blurb...

"He can do anything with watercolour. He is now doing anything with pastel, in ways that are amazing"

Ooooooh! Pastels! Such an intriguing choice of medium. Come on! Are you serious??? Pastels are for kindergarten children, gimme a break!

"I think people are hungry for that pure skill in image-making"

Pure skill and pastel should never be mentioned in the same paragraph.

"In his work, the intensely shy Gardner creates snapshot-looking portraits"

Ya, maybe if you pay the dude in the back alley to do your photo finishing. Then I can see the relationship between his paintings and photos.

"The contemporary images invoke themes such as heroism, youth, masculinity, friendship, family and middle-class life.

"I see the work as my relationship with the landscape. That's why it's always — for the most part — single figures," he said."

I think I need to throw up...

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