23 January 2007

Someone forgot the doughnuts!

Rugby Update:

We lost. To the police. Who forgot the glazed bribes?

Oh well. We're pretty much guaranteed to meet them in the semi-finals anyway regardless if we beat them or not, because the two of us are going to finish 2-3 in our division, and the lower teams haven't beaten any of the top 3. We(Typhoons) have also not beaten the top 2 at all. Hence we, the Phoons, are still stuck in 3rd. No worries. Our strongest members were either damaged or out with poor rubbish excuses. The final score was something like 21-7ish, so not too terrible. I'm quite bad at keeping track of the score for some reason. Also it seems like whenever our team falls behind we tend to loose any effort we had going. Possibly because my team is all old farts. At 24 I'm the youngest by at least 3 years I think.

Next game. Gai Wu! The crazy kamikaze Japanese. We will most likely win, but probably half our team will go down with broken ankles beause these guys are insane.

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