14 January 2007

New Year Blue Skies!

On New Year's Day Mai and I went on a small walk up the mountain beside our building. It's a nice little walk, there isn't any actual climbing, it's a paved pathway. It was a very nice, and the skies were the nicest I'd ever seen them in Hong Kong. The time of day we went was perfect lighting, as the thin clouds shaded the bright sun just enough. Mai brought along her pet bird, Takuro-Chan. He really enjoyed it as he was singing along with the wild birds at one point sort of.

I have concluded I have the best eyes out of anyone I know. I managed to spot this lizard about 20 metres away in a patch of green and red leaves. The lizard is also red and gree, thus it was nearly impossible to see. Somehow I spotted it, and zoomed in enough with my new lens to get a decent enough photo. There were actually two, and they darted off shortly after I had spotted them.

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