08 January 2007

Things that make me laugh.

1. Monkeys 'attacking' people.
-A large group of macaque monkeys alledgedly rushed a bus load of passengers in Lion Rock Park. hahaha. Good for the monkeys. Read more here.

2. Hong Kong's newest movie theatre.
-Guess what? Some moron of a foreign investor decided to open a drive-in movie theatre in Hong Kong. Ya, ridiculous. Anyone who has ever been to Hong Kong knows that the thing people hate the most in Hong Kong is being outside. Besides the pollution, it's usually just too damned crowded outside to feel comfortable. Unless you climb to the top of the mountain, perfect place to suck in all that beautiful brown air, haha. Back to the theatre. Surprisingly I read this article on Macleans.ca, but it mentions the theatres website as well. Whoever wrote the theatre's website has also never been to Hong Kong. This is such a bad idea. I don't know where to start.

I'm sure they have good intentions (the website says that it will give people a chance to get away from the regular busy congestion of Hong Kong), but I imagine this place will go out of business very soon. First of all, it has 200 parking spots. 200? That's it? That'll fill up rather quick in a city with 7-8 million people. Also, with the price tag ($100 per person) no one will pay that when they can sit in a well ventilated theatre with leather seats for $80. There's a reason this is the first drive-in theatre in Hong Kong. It's a dumb idea.

The wbsite boasts of being able to watch a movie "under the stars." Hahahahahahahahahahahaha. Stars? The lights at the top of IFC Centre do not count as stars! Hahahahahahaha. That's about the only light in the sky you can see in Hong Kong. With the amount of smog in TST (where the theatre is) you can barely see across the harbour most days. Stars? Hahahaha, get real. Even where I live, in the farthest point from Central, you can see maybe 5 stars at night. And they're probably satelliltes. Oh boy, stars, ya, hahaha...... Gimme a break!

The atricle says this 'could be expensive' in Hong Kong. In reality you could probably buy an NFL team cheaper. The rent this guy pays must be insane. Even if the theatre charged $1000 per car I doubt it would pay the bills. I think they forgot that Hong Kong gets up to +35 in the summer, at night! I can see it now, people in the 5th row complaining because the exhaust from all the cars running their AC is smogging over the screen. Hahaha. Dumb dumb dumb...

Here's the article.

3. Jackie Chan commercials on the bus. It's just funny.

4. Cantopop. It's so amazingly bad, you can't help but laugh at it. Cantopop is just another word for Karaoke. None of the 'pop' stars here actually sing their own music. It's all ripped off from American 'talent' (wow that was a stretch).

5. VCD's
- Just another word for FAKE. Fake. Bad Quality. Stolen. Ripped Off. Counterfeit. Illegal. Etc. etc. Yet they sell them at every major music store in Hong Kong. Even HMV. Anti-piracy? I don't think that will be taught at English class any time soon. I'm gonna head over to HMV's site and see if they have any crap about how stealing music is bad. If they do, they should be ashamed.

I could write more, but I'm laughing too hard.

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