13 July 2008

Brain Freeze

Oh how I miss the tingling sensation. Running from the car in blizzard-like conditions, stepping into the local 7-11. And not just any 7-11, it had to be the one in Westwood. What city you ask? Do I really need to tell you?


If there's one thing I miss about this town, it's the Slurpee. Virtually uncontested, Winnipeg has now been crowned the world Slurpee champion for the 9th straight year. Those pretenders in Calgary are trying to come close, but it's only the ex-peggers who are shifting the scale.

It has now been at least 3 years since I have had an ice-cold Slurpee in -35 degree weather. I miss Canada...

10 July 2008

1 Month to go!

Only one month to go until the Olympics, yet all I hear from various news sources is bad news. Nothing positive whatsoever. China seems to be on everyone's naughty lists again. Prove me wrong! Find something positive!

"A Canadian businessman has been fined $1.9 million and sentenced to 20 years in jail in China, two years after he was detained on fraud charges, his lawyers have confirmed."

Wow, just going to China gets you 2 years in jail, without a sentence. And what good will $2mill do? China is already taking away 20 years of a possibly innocent man's life, they need money as well?

07 July 2008

Chinese Embassy Dumping

I found this image rather funny. It's from the Chinese Embassy in Ottawa. It shows a man dumping cinder blocks into the Rideau River, amongst other waste. I'm well aware many other people dump waste where they are not supposed to, but considering their less than stellar image internationally, you would think the Chinese might try a little harder. All this says to me is that they don't care about their image, and they don't even think about it.

Most likely the man in this picture and his supervisor have already been fired. Has the mess been cleaned up?

03 July 2008

Happy Swimming!

"The Environmental Protection Department has rated water quality at five beaches 'good', 23 'fair' and five 'poor' for this weekend."

...roll eyes...

Only 5 were rated good!? I thought all beaches in Hong Kong were good.

...roll eyes...

...roll eyes...

Oh wait, there's more fine print...

"Seven gazetted beaches - Anglers', Approach, Ting Kau, Casam, Gemini, Hoi Mei Wan and Lido - are closed to swimmers year-round because of poor water quality. People should not swim at these beaches."

Ah, that makes more sense. People 'should not' swim. They don't include the nasty beaches in their headlines. Any beach named 'Lido' should be a dead give away not to swim!

People in Hong Kong 'should not' do many things, this doesn't stop them. Maybe a nice fancy MTR announcement would help...

...roll eyes...

Got Dry Heat?

Hong Kong had a new record 1,346mm of rain in June. That's only about, oh 54 inches! A lot of that actually happened on one day. We had over 150mm in one hour alone a few weeks ago.

Despite the nice pressure wash, HK is still nice and dirty and dusty. Gotta love those diesel buses...