29 March 2007

Hong Kong Rugby Sevens!7!

6 months in the making, the wait for the HK Sevens is finally over! The action starts tomorrow night, and doesn't stop until the wee hours of Monday morning! I'm excited.

I ordered my tickets from the'Phoons about 6 months ago, so it feels like it's been a long time coming. For anyone who doesn't know what the Hong Kong Sevens is, it's a 3 day International Rugby tournament between about 30 nations. Each team has 7 players, hence Sevens. It's a fast paced game with lots of scoring and the games are only 14 minutes, so to win you have to score quick and often.

From what I understand, all the Non-Local Locals (white people) gather in the south stands of the stadium (it's general seating for 40,000 people) and have one big party.

This is the biggest event of the year in Hong Kong. It's sold out before it's sold out. The only way to get tickets is you have to play rugby, or get really lucky or know someone. I happen to play for a local club, so getting tickets was easy. Considering it's a 3 day tournament/festival, this is by far the best bang for your buck in Hong Kong. I might change my mind when I've spent a few thousand on booze for the weekend, but hopefully it won't sting that bad.

And for anyone complaining about my photos not being updated, I will bring my camera for at least one of the three days.

27 March 2007

Humidity: My Great Foe

The air feels wet today. It's like I'm drinking a glass of water when I breath. Everyone has the AC pumped to the max inside/outside?!, so here's to another 8 months of not being able to go outside for fear of melting or pollution etc. etc. Many thanks to all the retailers who leave the doors wide open and spill the cold air outside, if you walk within 2 metres of any building you don't have to fear the heat. Didn't anyone's mom ever tell them not to leave the fridge door open!!!???

Sham Election

Donald Tsang has amazingly won a 2nd term after the results of Sunday's "election." This was the first "election" for HK Grand Master Chief (my own term) since the British left. The reason for the ""'s is because it was a sham election. No one actually got to vote. Don't be fooled, Hong Kong is NOT a democracy just because they held an "election." Only about 800 rich/snooty/pre-determined/bought/elite people from around Hong Kong actually got to vote. They had a rifle-man from China beside them while they voted to make sure the Beijing supported Tsang won.

Ok, that last bit isn't true, but the election was won before it was even called. There was never a doubt who would win. Many questioned the opposition's choice to run. Was it pointless? Based on the number of pro-democracy rallies in HK as of late, I'd say the people's choice movement is growing here, but there's still the big problem of CHINA being right above HK. Everyone is afraid of speaking out or risk being shot. As long as the well-to-dos in this SAR are controlled by the big red monster nothing is going to change here. Sure there is freedom of press, but if you say anything wrong, the Chinese kidnap you and wrongly imprison you in some Chinese jail.

Ooooh, let's see how fast I'm deported...

Amazing Race Asia!

It's official! We've applied to be on the Amazing Race Asia II! I mailed the application yesterday.

The video turned out really well so I hope they love and it select us, it'd be totally awesome! They said interviews would be in April/May, so we should fine out soon whether we're shortlisted or not.

15 March 2007

Kenny Rogers Chicken Episode

"Hong Kong city of too much light"

Does this remind you of anything? If it does, you are a devoted TV fan. Congrats!

Hockey Pun

Usually I appreciate really lame puns for their hilarious stupidity, but TSN writers need to get a new line. I think they've used the same 3-4 terms to describe Calgary Flames hockey the whole season.

"The Flames get burned!"
"The Flames scorch their opponents!"
"Flames roast the Ducks in overtime!" (that one was funny)
"The Flames are on a hot streak!"
"Flames get cooked by oponent"

etc. etc. etc.

Seriously, can you not think of more than 3 words to describe fire? Why can't you think of something a little different. Using the same headline in the same week is pretty terrible, even for TSN.


I...hate...white rice...

Unfortunately, I live in Asia. They eat a little bit of the stuff every now-and-then. It is not the rice I hate so much actually, it is the rice on its own I hate ever so much. There is nothing so bland in the world as eating plain white rice. Everytime I cook rice at home, it is usually drenched in some form of 'taste encouraging' sauce. It just doesn't appeal to me on its own. I'd rather eat plain white toast with a glass of water.

Today, and every other Thursday/Tuesday, I have the choice of eating rice, rice, and more rice at the school I teach at. I have no other complaints about this school other than the food. It's gawd-awful. Everyone complains, not just me. I don't see why one of the richest kindergartens in HK can not provide better lunches for their staff. I would happily go buy my own, I don't care, it's just that I'm not allowed to leave the school during my work hours. So I'm stuck eating plain bland white dry sticky bland bland rice most days. Every once in a blue moon, they cook plain ol' white noodles to spice things up. Wow that's so much better.

There is always a selection of soggy green coloured wigglys resembling vegetables to put on the rice, and usually some mystery meat type substance, or soggy chicken wings. Most of the time I can stomach the ham and pork substance, but whatever they put out today appeals to me less than Victoria Harbour garbage. It was the worst looking thing I've ever seen called food. So today, I eat rice. What do I get for a side dish? Rice. My desert? Rice. Mmmmmm, and for snack later? Rice.

I'm going to buy a whole cow tonight and make myself 10 steaks...

13 March 2007

Madonna Invasion

I have no idea what H&M is other than some big Swedish store that just opened in Hong Kong. This billboard is ridiculous. It's grand opening was this past weekend. I didn't go, note the photo is not mine.

Apparantly some 1000 people lined up to get a chance at 20 free coats (made in China), or cheap sunglasses (made in China). How is this different than any other store in Hong Kong? All the crap here is made in China. If I ever have a clothing line, they will say 'NOT made in China.'
Is anything not made there? Some people in line were quoted as saying "I don't like the sunglasses, but I've been waiting here for 24 hours just cause it's free." Morons. That's Hong Kong for ya, possibly cheaper than Winnipeg? Nah couldn't be true...Could it???

Anyway, Madonna is a joke regardless, and this billboard further supports the idea.

12 March 2007


It's been awhile, but ya, the Typhoons lost in the playoffs. We were hoping to beat the Japanese team GaiWu a third time. In fact, up 'till 2 minutes remaining we had a 2 point lead. That's when everyone went for a nap and they scored with no time remaining. So we are now done for the season.

Rugby has been fun this year. I now understand the game a lot more than I ever did in high school. Although the season has ended, I am glad we are done for while as I have time to rest all the my banged up limbs and bruises. Next up HongKong Sevens!

March - In Like a Soggy Wet Rat

It is hard to believe it is March already. That means I've been here for more than 6 months now! Time goes by fast. Especially when the pace of life seems to move a whole lot faster. Hong Kongers will do anything to save a few seconds. I'm starting to slowly turn into one. I haven't gotten to the point of running over little children and old ladies yet in my race towards the MTR trains, but it'll happen soon I'm sure. It's a regular occurance, I see it happen almost every day.

As my title mentiones, it is wet outside. I can't remember the last time we had a good long sunny day. It has been awhile. I don't mind the rain so much, as it seems to keep the air from China in China. Still, the dense smog manages to penetrate the rain clouds a little. My lungs do feel a little cleaner today. The API must only be 2000 today. API is Hong Kong's version of Air Quality Index. Instead of saying how good the air is, they measure it by how polluted it is. So it's really never a question of is it polluted? just how bad.

Teaching continues to be the most fun I've ever had (sarcasm). I do enjoy teaching my Primary students, that's about it. I feel like we actually accomplish something most of the time. It's the 2-3 year olds who I can't stand 'teaching.' Their parents are wasting their money, it's as simple as that. One of my classes is a parent/kid class, so the parents participate as well during the classes. Well, two weekends ago, I was in the middle of my story/song etc., and a few kids decided they didn't want to listen, so they went into the corner and played games. I told everyone to come back and sit in a circle, but they kids ignored me. Their parents went over, I thought they were going to bring them back to the class, but no, they just sat and watched their kids play in the corner away from me (the whole reason they are there.) People are stupid.

Life on Mars (living with Mai and her cat) continues to be interesting. We bought a new shower curtain as the old one was slightly moldy (I know, you wanted to know that). Mai is going to Taiwan in 2 days, so plans for a huge party are already underway. She is becoming the poster girl for her Taiwan-line of jewellery she designed for Just Gold.

06 March 2007

I'm Cold

Absolutely no one from Canada will have any sympathy for me, but I'm cold. I'm sitting at 'work' currently, and it's very chilly. There is no central heating in Hong Kong, so the interior temperature is exactly the same as the outside all year round (unless you have AC). It's about 15-18 C degress right now, so it's not very warm to be sitting around inside all day. Just think, even in Winterpeg (my hometown), where it is -26 C right now, people have their heat cranked up to +25 inside, so technically you're +10 degrees warmer than I am! Who's really suffering??!?!!?!

01 March 2007

Easter Bunnies

I know it's March, but isn't it a tad early for rabbits?

One of the teachers at my school today (this is a kindergarten remember) has a sweater on with the large icon of and caption "I Love(Heart) Playboy."

Tooooooo funny. I'm pretty sure the dresscode at this school is more lax than most. In high school someone in my class was asked to go home and change because he had a Jack Daniels t-shirt on. Some things here aren't so strict I guess. I'm wearing jeans tomorrow.