29 March 2007

Hong Kong Rugby Sevens!7!

6 months in the making, the wait for the HK Sevens is finally over! The action starts tomorrow night, and doesn't stop until the wee hours of Monday morning! I'm excited.

I ordered my tickets from the'Phoons about 6 months ago, so it feels like it's been a long time coming. For anyone who doesn't know what the Hong Kong Sevens is, it's a 3 day International Rugby tournament between about 30 nations. Each team has 7 players, hence Sevens. It's a fast paced game with lots of scoring and the games are only 14 minutes, so to win you have to score quick and often.

From what I understand, all the Non-Local Locals (white people) gather in the south stands of the stadium (it's general seating for 40,000 people) and have one big party.

This is the biggest event of the year in Hong Kong. It's sold out before it's sold out. The only way to get tickets is you have to play rugby, or get really lucky or know someone. I happen to play for a local club, so getting tickets was easy. Considering it's a 3 day tournament/festival, this is by far the best bang for your buck in Hong Kong. I might change my mind when I've spent a few thousand on booze for the weekend, but hopefully it won't sting that bad.

And for anyone complaining about my photos not being updated, I will bring my camera for at least one of the three days.

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