12 March 2007

March - In Like a Soggy Wet Rat

It is hard to believe it is March already. That means I've been here for more than 6 months now! Time goes by fast. Especially when the pace of life seems to move a whole lot faster. Hong Kongers will do anything to save a few seconds. I'm starting to slowly turn into one. I haven't gotten to the point of running over little children and old ladies yet in my race towards the MTR trains, but it'll happen soon I'm sure. It's a regular occurance, I see it happen almost every day.

As my title mentiones, it is wet outside. I can't remember the last time we had a good long sunny day. It has been awhile. I don't mind the rain so much, as it seems to keep the air from China in China. Still, the dense smog manages to penetrate the rain clouds a little. My lungs do feel a little cleaner today. The API must only be 2000 today. API is Hong Kong's version of Air Quality Index. Instead of saying how good the air is, they measure it by how polluted it is. So it's really never a question of is it polluted? just how bad.

Teaching continues to be the most fun I've ever had (sarcasm). I do enjoy teaching my Primary students, that's about it. I feel like we actually accomplish something most of the time. It's the 2-3 year olds who I can't stand 'teaching.' Their parents are wasting their money, it's as simple as that. One of my classes is a parent/kid class, so the parents participate as well during the classes. Well, two weekends ago, I was in the middle of my story/song etc., and a few kids decided they didn't want to listen, so they went into the corner and played games. I told everyone to come back and sit in a circle, but they kids ignored me. Their parents went over, I thought they were going to bring them back to the class, but no, they just sat and watched their kids play in the corner away from me (the whole reason they are there.) People are stupid.

Life on Mars (living with Mai and her cat) continues to be interesting. We bought a new shower curtain as the old one was slightly moldy (I know, you wanted to know that). Mai is going to Taiwan in 2 days, so plans for a huge party are already underway. She is becoming the poster girl for her Taiwan-line of jewellery she designed for Just Gold.

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