13 March 2007

Madonna Invasion

I have no idea what H&M is other than some big Swedish store that just opened in Hong Kong. This billboard is ridiculous. It's grand opening was this past weekend. I didn't go, note the photo is not mine.

Apparantly some 1000 people lined up to get a chance at 20 free coats (made in China), or cheap sunglasses (made in China). How is this different than any other store in Hong Kong? All the crap here is made in China. If I ever have a clothing line, they will say 'NOT made in China.'
Is anything not made there? Some people in line were quoted as saying "I don't like the sunglasses, but I've been waiting here for 24 hours just cause it's free." Morons. That's Hong Kong for ya, possibly cheaper than Winnipeg? Nah couldn't be true...Could it???

Anyway, Madonna is a joke regardless, and this billboard further supports the idea.

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