22 November 2007

Mom and Dad in Hong Kong!

They made it! After a very long flight my parents landed in HK. They looked in good spirits after their journey across the Pacific. I can't believe how much they have done in the first 10 days. We even flew to Beijing for a weekend.

04 November 2007

Thunder Rapids - China Style

These couple of pictures are from my staff trip to Zhuhai back in October. We went go-carting to start, and it was quite fun. The track was fairly long and the safety level was low, so you could do pretty much anything you wanted, which I enjoyed after 4 years of stupid 'rules and regulations' in Canada (at Thunder Rapids where I used to work).

The second photo is of Holly, who went around the track at a blistering pace of about 2 km per hour.

01 November 2007

Getting Chilly

Tomorrow is supposed to dip down to a brisk 17 C. Time to get out the tuque and mittens.

It rained for the first time in about a month the other day, so things aren't as dusty as they were. Our rugby game last weekend was basically played on a sandbox the field was so dry.

November 1st usually means snow where I come from, but even the strong Monsoon isn't going to make that happen here. This takes all the fun out of winter when you can't sneak up on an unexpecting fool and paste them with a snowball.