27 March 2007

Sham Election

Donald Tsang has amazingly won a 2nd term after the results of Sunday's "election." This was the first "election" for HK Grand Master Chief (my own term) since the British left. The reason for the ""'s is because it was a sham election. No one actually got to vote. Don't be fooled, Hong Kong is NOT a democracy just because they held an "election." Only about 800 rich/snooty/pre-determined/bought/elite people from around Hong Kong actually got to vote. They had a rifle-man from China beside them while they voted to make sure the Beijing supported Tsang won.

Ok, that last bit isn't true, but the election was won before it was even called. There was never a doubt who would win. Many questioned the opposition's choice to run. Was it pointless? Based on the number of pro-democracy rallies in HK as of late, I'd say the people's choice movement is growing here, but there's still the big problem of CHINA being right above HK. Everyone is afraid of speaking out or risk being shot. As long as the well-to-dos in this SAR are controlled by the big red monster nothing is going to change here. Sure there is freedom of press, but if you say anything wrong, the Chinese kidnap you and wrongly imprison you in some Chinese jail.

Ooooh, let's see how fast I'm deported...

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