25 January 2007

Rent Controlled

It turns out that the rental fee for our flat is not going up after all. I guess our current landlord thinks we are good enough tennants that he wants to give us reason to stay. This is good news, as it means we can take our time deciding when and where we want to move. The rent is still not cheap by any stetch of the immagination (we could have a penthouse apartment in Calgary cheaper) but by Hong Kong standards we're roughing it, haha. Sort of.

Also Chinese New Year's is fast on it's way. I like this holiday even more than Christmas in some ways, because it means a whole tonne of time off, and less work for me. In China, this is the biggest holiday of the year, that goes without saying. The school I'm at Tuesdays and Thursdays is basically having one big party for the next month, so I don't have actual classes for awhile. Woo! It's tradition to wear red clothing, so I might have to go get some new shirts to keep up with local superstition.

Hong Kong is not cold, but having no indoor heat makes for a very chilly evening. The cat hogs the the space heater. I use 3 thick blankets and am still cold, brrrr. Kind of like camping in the Rockies.

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