23 January 2007

Someone invent teleportation now!

Travelling almost and hour and a half to work on Mondays is starting to get to me. And I only go for 3 hours of class at the school! Agg!

There is also no possible method of getting there sooner. If I had a car, and Hong Kong had about 7 million less people, I could drive there in 25 minutes probably. The transit system here is good, but with so many people going different places in the morning, it just takes forever to get across Hong Kong. Where's Scotty?

In other news:

Mai and I were looking for a new apartment recently. Until we found out it would cost us approximately $40000HKD just to move and pay deposits etc. Here's why. Main reason > Hong Kong rent is rediculously expensive. Also when you move, you have to pay 2 months rent as a damage deposit, your first month rent, moving fees for a furniture etc., and you also have to pay the real estate people who helped you find the place - they ask for half of one months rent. So it's stupid. Im already sick of moving, and having to pay such a huge amount all at once seems unreasonable.

We were trying to find a cheaper apartment, but Hong Kong has none. The cheapest rent you can find here for anything somewhat decent is about $1500 CDN. In Calgary right now I could rent a huge penthouse apartment for that much. Here all that gets you is about 600 sq/ft.

So as much as we want to move, where we live now is sort of 'cheap' it just takes forever to go anywhere.

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