24 December 2006


Jumbo Floating Restaurant. It is what it says it is. Although being quite a 'jumbo' sized restaurant, the famous Hong Kong diner is not actually floating! gasp...! It has been rooted in cement for at least a few years, I'm not sure how long. It's proper name should be 'Jumbo Island Restaurant.' I don't know why they had to suppport it, maybe it's was a sinking Jumbo. Who knows.

I had heard a lot about this place called Jumbo, and I've been excited about it for the past week. It didn't even matter to me what the food was like, I just love the name, and the fact that it 'floats.' Also it is possibly the most cheesy overdecorated restaurant I've ever eaten in. It's so great! When you get to Jumbo, you actually have to take a small ferry out to Jumbo. It only took about 2 minutes, but you get to see a lot of really expensive boats on your way to Jumbo.

For dinner we ordered the 'Special Seafood' set menu, because it looked like a good variety from the menu, and it makes ordering nice and easy as the menu was also jumbo. Where we ate was on the 2nd floor of Jumbo, and we had a window seat facing towards the pier we had just taken the ferry from. I'm not sure if locals ever eat here, as it's very touristy, but the tourists sure were having fun. There was a large group at one table, and they took full advantage of the photo-op area where you could dress up in Chinese costumes and sit on a throne-like seat, in Jumbo. Me and Mai didn't do this, as it was a jumbo rip-off (you had to pay to use your own camera). Also I'm sure it would have been slightly embarrasing to the doll (who came along in the purse...)

The food was pretty good at Jumbo. Everything had seafood in it, except desert. I'm getting better at chopsticks, but slippery scallops are still a little tricky. The fish was very good, and the deep fried crab claw was very amusing. It looked like a crab was trying to crawl out of the deep fried ball, haha.

After eating, we walked around Jumbo. You can walk around the entire restaurant outside, and see the area they keep all the fish. It's very fresh, as they pull out the fish when you order it. They had someone on a microphone call out to a lady who scooped up the fish when someone from inside had ordered it. Can't get much fresher than that.

I'd highly recommend Jumbo, it's a lot of fun and the food is pretty decent, but a tad over priced. But you pay for the atmosphere as well, so it's worth it. Jumbo Jumbo Jumbo!

I said Jumbo 19 times!

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