22 December 2006


Hooray! I am on holidays as of Wednesday (Dec20th) afternoon, and I don't go back until January 2nd. Being a teacher has its perks. So far, it has been nice to sleep in and enjoy doing nothing. It is almost Christmas, and for a change I don't have any last minute shopping to do. Which is nice because I don't really want to go shopping in the madness that is Hong Kong malls. For some reason, my building seems to add more decorations every day, the lobby has become quite an intense overload of Christmas shlock. I can't even imagine what they do for Chinese New Year. The plans for Christmas this year aren't too crazy. I am really looking forward to Christmas eve, as I have booked a table at the famous 'Jumbo' restaurant! Hahaha. Just the name means it has to be good. The other awesome thing? It's a floating boat! To get to the restaurant, you need to take a small boat, hehehe. I can't wait, even if the food is bad, I'll be happy, because we're eating dinner on a floating boat. (I hope it isn't as bad as the floating casino)

On Christmas morning, Mai and I will be opening the presents sent from my family back in Canada. This also marks the first time I will not be with my immediate family for Christmas. I did spend one Christmas in Mexico, but that was a family vacation. It is not as warm in Hong Kong as Mexico, so I can sort of imagine snow and all that regular Christmas stuff. I really don't miss the -30 degree weather though.

Also I bought a new webcam a few weeks ago, so I am capable of video messaging, which is so much nicer than long distance phone bills. Free = nice. Skype is the best program out there from what I can tell, as it costs nothing, and the voice over has no delay (messenger does) plus the video seems to be pretty good as well. Hooray for the internet!

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