02 December 2006

23 days early! Wooootie woo woo

Best thing ever = Finishing Christmas shopping almost 1 month in advance. I'm all done! Wooohoo yeahhahah! It feels good. Now all I have to do is fork over the bag of money to ship it to Winnipeg. I need to find a new box to put all my gifts in, which I'm hoping will not be too hard (soon to be famous last words).

Mai and I went to some pretty cool shops today. I wanted to get my family some 'authentic' Chinese stuff (at least authentic looking), you know, things they don't have in the 'Peg. I think I managed well, we even checked out the world's longest escalator. It wasn't quite what I thought it would be, it's actually sections that are all called one, so it's not all one piece. Speaking of escalators, most malls here have wildy amusing ways of getting people up the floors. Check out the photoblog to have a look at some pics from Millenium City 5 APM mall. It's a 7 floor shopping mall with many cool stores.

Tomorrow Mai and I are off to a "photoshoot." I'd try to be serious about it, but we're going to take pictures of her new obsession, creepy dolls. mwaahahaha. We'll be going to TST, the famous tourist area Tsim Sai Tsui? and we're gonna take the ferry across the harbour, which I have not done yet!

Anyway, merry merry shopping is done Christmas!

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