23 December 2006

Gucci, Prada, and... LOWEPRO!

Today I accompanied Mai and her mother on their shopping trip. Mai's mom is in town for the weekend, and from what she says Beijing isn't much fun, so they had to shop shop shop while in Hong Kong. As much as looking at purses all day (and some occasional clothing) doesn't really inerest me usually, I decided to tag along as it's Christmas, and I had no other family or friends in town to do anything more productive with. We went for lunch at a nice and quiet Italian restaurant in Causeway Bay. This was unusual as almost everyone in Hong Kong speaks ridiculously loud. You can often here people at least 100metres away and they're only talking to their friend beside them. So this was a nice change.

My title emplies the trendy upscale bags seen in malls around HK, but I had my camera bag with me, I thought it very high-end, haha. I paid only a fraction of what these other bags go for. I'd rather buy a lot of beer, or a new camera lens.

Only a couple more day(s) until Christmas, depending on what part of the globe you are from. I'm getting excited. Today I even bought some Canadian steak for our Christmas dinner. I wasn't about to buy a $1200 turkey. The Maple-Leaf beef wasn't exactly cheap, but it'll be better than any cow from China that's for sure. Mmmmmm...

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