02 December 2006

2 cool fur Skool

I'm such a good teacher, so amazing in fact, such and awe inspiring native speaker of English - that I've been told I'm too nice.

Screw You!

If the kids happen to find me more fun and enjoy things with me more than their regular teacher, maaaybe it's because their normal teachers are mean and nasty and terrible. Ya sure, maybe we spend more time laughing than being productive, but if I can put a smile on a kids face within their regularly miserable days sometimes, so be it. Yes most of the time their other teachers are nice (sort of) but some of the things they get upset about and yell about are rediculous. What's even worse, if when I'm teaching a lesson and the other teachers come in and discipline the kids for doing stuff I could care less about if they did. In my class! Who's the teacher? I am! For the most part, the kids find me so intriguing they pay attention to some extent. I really don't see the point of me being 'meaner' to them. They all think I'm a big clown anyway. The schools have basically asked me to act like a big dumb clown and do nothing but play games and talk like a 2 year old, so why the sudden change in tone. I'm too nice?!?!? Shove it...

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