12 December 2006

3 out of 4 teachers recommend "Pin the Tail on the Reindeer"

Today was a relatively amusing day at school. The kindergarten I'm at Tuesdays was having a big meeting of all the local kindergarten principals. I was told to be extra good. Haha. My principal said to play games all day with the kids and make them happy. Just ignore the English part of English teaching I guess. So I decided to play......?


Oh what a funny game when played with little kids who don't understand up and down, or left and right. The past 3! weeks I've been trying to teach them directions as lead-up to this game. Only one class remembered how to say up and down etc. We played anyway. I even made it extra safe by laminating the picture of the reindeer so they wouldn't get paper cuts and was guiding the student trying to place the tail. All was fun and games, until..... Ms. "Someone shit in my cornflakes today" teacher roared her disapproving self at me. The first 3 classes who played the game were fine. No one died. Not even a minor abrasion. So I thought that the last class, my K3 class, the BEST class in the best school out of all the schools I teach, could handle it. Well, they could, but Captain Bringdown said she didn't feel 'safe enough' to put a warm cozy felt bag over the student's head to blindfold them. The kids loved it. They couldn't care less if they couldn't see. That's kind of the point of the game dumbass. Oh well. I told all the kids we couldn't play because their teacher said no. hehehehe. I'm always Mr. Niceguy. Always. Now they don't like her, and they love me even more. Mwaahahahahaha.

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