26 November 2006

Wow what a baaaad game

Alright, I'm tired so this will be a short post.

The Typhoons played the Macau team today, and wow we played like crap. Fortunately for us, we are good enough that we won even playing like crap. I for one, need to learn how to throw the ball, and as a team we need to play better position and with more energy.

We won 9-6! hahahaha what a thrilling game. Actually it was pretty awful playing conditions, the field was almost all sand, and it was raining. We showed very little energy but somehow our marvellous kicker rallied to kick 3 penalty kicks for the win. Each being 3 points.


Also on the way home I found the following funny. I was relatively comotose due to the alcohol consumption of the day, but in a bus full of 60 people up top, I managed to hear the 2 people up front speaking English. haha. It was also funny because it was North American English. But they were both Chinese. Had I been more sober I might have asked them where they were from. They both came to my building, so maybe I'm not the only Canadian here???

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