04 November 2006

'No' for Nomads

The Typhoons (Us) played the somethinerather Nomads this past weekend. I thought a fellow from the club did a very nice email write up, so I've decided to post it rather than try and come up with my own wit. Here it is >>>

Saturday was ladies day and some women turned up to watch. Judging by the quiz questions raised by master mind Humphrey's, several didn't appear to have been watching at all. I'll get back to the quiz master later, but they were chatting, eating, drinking, eating some more and taking very little notice of the fine display of manhood and rugby on display. There was no singing or streaking despite subsidising the drinks all day as well. It also saw the inaugural opening of the TCC, or the Typhoon Cripples Club. The Club within a club is open to all, you just have to injure yourself badly enough so you can't play for weeks. Flesh wounds, wimps and poor quality injuries need not apply.

Another fine day, we were receiving and boffed about a bit in the first few minutes. We had a bit of pressure down in our own half/22, but we managed to break out. The backs made fine yardage getting it out to FMHK, who incidentally has an extra vertebrae in his back which is why he's so tall. But having a clear run and showing off he knocked it on like a turkey. More pressure back in our half and another breakout, this time FMHK wasn't combing his hair and he scored in the corner. Unfortunately he inflicted an injury on himself and has asked to join the TCC. We will consider if thumb breakage and pulling off the tendon qualifies. We had a try go the other way, this they converted. My memory gets dim at this point, I made it Jon K, Chris J getting two more tires. We had a penalty kick against us as well. Conversions were a shocker throughout the game. Des kept his sheets clean and Jon K also had an unblemished record. We were ahead by half time and poised to race away. The forwards looked good in the scrum, mauling and rucking also looked good. The ref stopped any funny business and the game ticked along. The first half also saw Guy dislocate his little pinky, but it went back in so should be OK for nose excavations in no time. The line out was frail however and we lost yards while they kicked for position and stole our ball.

Half time and some old chat. A few changes and we kept fresh legs joining the fray for some carpet burns and sweating. We had a slow start then began scoring from wide. Des complained his Cuban heals and the scores out wide were causing him to miss. He was sacked in shame for his excuses. Jon K was little better, even Jensen was a pile of pony. The second half saw the opening of the Ott's legs, seldom seen in Hong Kong but he made several runs. Most memorable was trying to catch their winger. There was a good forwards try shoving over for a try from 10 yards out after a good drive. I think this was Christophe, but I'd need to take advice from the sideline experts on French mens @rses and lots of bodies in a heap. We had a try go the other way, as above it was Christians fault for running and not tying his shoe laces. A big hello to Thomas Toit and Kevin, welcome back. Towards the end new scrum half Small got one in and took over the kicking duties in disgust. Luckily he scored rather than join the other kicking has beens. We looked comfortable in the game, despite the hard work. Trys came from all over the park showing we can score from anywhere.

Final score Typhoons 42 Nomads 15"

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