23 November 2006

Christmas in November

Ah the season is near. To my surprise, people are in full swing celebrating Christmas already. There are decorations beginning to fill all the malls, apartments, windows? etc., and it makes no sense! It is still in the low +20's, so it doesn't feel remotely like 'Winter,' which I believe is a prerequisite for Christmas. I highly doubt there will be any snow this year, but I'm holding out hope for some white stuff to set some record and make people go crazy. Unlikely, but not impossible.

Even though it doesn't look like Christmas, I guess people are somewhat in the mood. I received a parcel in the post from my parents and little sister the other day. After finding the post office, I managed to get the package home and open it for some goodies. My mom is quite funny, she made me some Christmas brownies even! Thinking back I can't remember a holiday without them actually. So that made me happy. There's still a few left, hehe.

Many of the buildings have put up extavagent lights, in addition to the normal ones as well. I'll take some pictures as it gets closer to Christmas, but they have a big santa snow flakes etc. etc. In neon lights! haha.

And the other thing that makes it feel like 'Winter'??? I'm sick! Again!/Still/As Always since being here.... I'm really getting pissed off at the pollution here. I'm quite positive it is the only reason I am sick. I've started taking allergy pills again, so it's not the cat bothering me anymore. Everytime I go outside it's like I have a coughing fit. Not in all areas, but anytime I go near a road, or anywhere relatively close to Kowloon - cough it up I do. I've sort of always had a light case of Asthma, but it never really mattered back home. I can't remember when I had trouble breathing due to the air. Usually I had to run a tonne, and even that doesn't bother me much anymore. Hong Kong does! They aren't totally visible, but the tiny little particles of crap in the air start to feel visible when your skin is always dirty and your lungs are always coughing up crap. Grrrrrr. Clean the ____ up HK! (That means you Mr. Donald Tsang)

Merry Christmas in November.........

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