17 November 2006

Rugby Rugby Rugby

Oh mercy this weekend should be a great weekend for rugby.

First off, the Typhoons (the team I play for) are taking on the Sequins (what the ___ kind of name is Sequins?) for a temporary tie of first place in the 3rd devision in Hong Kong Rugby. It still feels kind of funny playing in the 3rd devision of the entire country. If that was true for say, hockey, in Canada, I would be almost a pro! Unfortunately, Hong Kong isn't that big, but I still think it's cool, and our team is playing really well at the moment. My big body guards up front are away for this game, so hopefully I will survive. These body guards are called props, they basically protect me during the scrum in rugby games. One is out with a torn knee, and the other is off protecting Gucci somewhere in Asia. (He's the head of security for Gucci in all of Asia, yes he's HUGE) Wish me luck!

After our game, is the International World Cup of Rugby Asia qualifier, on the same pitch! Yes! That's right, we're playing right before a WORLD CUP qualifier game. International super-stars will be playing almost right after us. Pretty awesome eh? Now, not to get too excited, the Asian rugby teams are pretty much the bottom feeders of International Rugby, but still. Both games are at the Hong Kong Football Club in Happy Valley. If anyone from Hong Kong reads this, you should come, and it's free! Comment if you want directions.

The final Rugby dealings are on Sunday, when Wales plays Canada in an international match, but I'm not sure what it's for. Anyway, I've never seen Canada play, despite living in CANADA! (stupid hockey mad country) so I'm sort of excited to watch it.

I will update on Monday saying we are now in first place*

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