21 November 2006

At least we did better than Hong Kong

The past weekend didn't exaclty go so well for our rugby team. Despite we lost to the same team about 60-0 last year, there was optimism this year for a win. If we had our best team, I suppose we could have managed to compete and probably win. But that is why we lost. Lack of a strong team in many areas. We were missing almost every large forward, or the ones that were there were put into different positions than used to due to low numbers. I for instance, played the position of prop, usually reserved for 250 lb blokes. Needless to say, I couldn't really muster up as much push as the opposition in the scrum. We went to uncontested srums, which meant bad news as their forwards didn't tire out. Oh well, despite that we were missing our scrum half(s) due to moving or injury, and our best kicker was notthere as well. In the end we didn't do too badly, the score was 28-5 I believe.

After our game was the Hong Kong vs. Japan international World Cup qualifier for the Asia region. Japan was predicted to kill them, and kill them they did. The final was 52-3 Japan winning. Japan also missed about 8-9 conversions, so it should have been around 70-3. Also in the 2nd half I think Japan toned it down a bit. The game was fun nonetheless. The stadium was packed to capacity, around 4000 people according to HKrugby.com It was good to see a professional game in person as it made me aware of a few things you don't normally see on the tv. Too bad for Hong Kong though, as I highly doubt they're going to even come close to making it to the World Cup. Very unlikely. Canada also lost on the weekend, darn, to Wales though, as they were expected to. They did play a very good game against a more powerful team. Only lost 52-26, which was good for them apparantly. Canada is 13th in the world, while Wales is 9th. Shows you how much distance is between the rankings world-wide. Japan is 19th and Hong Kong 29th I believe.

Here once again, is a very amusing summary of our game from the FCC president, Mr. Chris Roberts.

"There are a few positives we can take away from the Sequins game. Dan/Smally wasn't playing, Jamie is now married so can smash himself up as prop and the old boys can still make muster and turn out for a run. We had numbers on paper but we were waiting on the French to add some Gallic flare in the front row and bite some ears. The cooler week and rain had turned a bit warmer and humid, the grass had been cut well and we were set to give Club a few lessons in nuisance value and turning up to fight whatever happens. Big Ass Zurcher came back to help us out and add some ass with class to the forwards, didn't see it myself. His big ass was in the way. Smally couldn't make the field with a sniffle and man flu, so we had decent scrum half's.

Sequins turned up with a selection of chunkers and old boys, we were sporting our mobile pack. We weren't to shabby against their back line as well. Early on we had a lot of pressure down in the 22, with all the weight of pie eating and rich living being trundled at the fit bodies of our forwards (A hideous lie but bear with me). We held out for a while eventually conceding a try which was converted. The flame haired Jason O had turned up to play half back and distribute ball. He looked like a toy Garfield stuck on a back window trying to tackle their number 8. Out from the wilderness Marty Grey turned up to prop and sweat off a hangover. More pressure in the 22 and we let in another in the first 20 minutes, this was converted again. We were pinned down in our own half for a lot of the time. We held our own in the line outs and had some good passages of pick and drive getting through several phases without mishap. After a lot of hard work the ball went wide for some good interplay and a crash through from our resident goal hanger, number 8 and now sometime centre Mr Gent. Still working hard we went into the break 14 - 5 behind. Wispy Waz and Jon K talked tactics and we set for the second half.

The second half saw more of Claudios Latino anger being expressed at misdemeanours committed by years of cynical old boy play. Coming in on the side, lying on top and using hands on the floor, not a problem for Sequins. There was among some South American revolution at one point. Shane had a moment as centre getting in a hand off with instant sore throat dispensed before being brought down. Peter Clemmow replaced Jason at No.9, good to see him back. It has to be said Sequins were using our own tactic of rolling subs and lots of them. Saturday they just had more subs with no games being on in the higher leagues, funny that. We ground away, eventually letting in 2 more tries which were converted. The Mystery French prop didn't show up, no doubt taking his time finishing a meal with a fine wine and winking at lot at ladies. There weren't too many comedy moments, it was just hard work. We looked good and gave Club a hard game they won't forget. On another day we could have had them, there's still time. A big thanks to Matt Adams turning up from Nomads to help out in the front row. New boy Kevin T made an appearance with more of that shocking orangy hair.

Final score Typhoons 5 - Sequins 28

Man of the match - Aymeric
Honourable mentions - Jeff and Brenton "

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