28 November 2006

Cheesefest 2006

Ah Christmas. Still 1 month away, yet everything/one seems to be preparing well in advance. Statue square in Central has been transformed into a marvellous amount of cheese, topped with the most ridiculously over-dressed Christmas tree I've ever seen. I only caught a glimpse of it during the day, so I'm waiting to see how it's lit up at night. Hong Kong is quite famous for it's lights you know.

Also across the harbor in TST pretty much every building is decked out in a few gazillion lights. I guess for Hong Kong it seems somewhat normal now, but anywhere else it would be crazy. Take Calgary, a pretty decent skyline, yet only one building (Telus) puts up lights. And all it usually is, is a basic xmas-tree with a few green and red lights. So ya, Hong Kong puts Calgary to shaaaaame.

Even though there are lots of decorations up, the house to house decor isn't quite the same as in Canada. Every apartment has not littered their balcony with strings of white lights etc. only to leave them up until June. It might be because no one really has a balcony here, but people still have windows. I might go buy a string and put them up in the window. That's if Mai lets me.

The malls are popping mad busy. Even more-so than usual. Last night as I was taking the bus home I couldn't believe how many people were out and about shopping, and it's 4 weeks away! I'm sort of glad I'm doing my shopping earlier this year (As to have time to mail back to Canada) Last night I got a notice in the mail of another parcel, so I think my older sis must have mailed me something. I'm picking it up today at the post office.

Not much new to report other than the usual. Work has been pretty casually normal, nothing major happening. We're having some sort of party on Thursday. Once again I don't have a clue what it is, but at least I know it's happening this time. I'll prolly take some photos of the festivities around school leading up to Christmas as well.

As for photos, yes I have been slacking. I think I only took my camera out twice this month. Terrible. I do have some photos of the Japan/Korea rugby test for World Cup entry to post. Japan won, they absolutely slaughtered Korea 54-0. So Japan is off to the World Cup. I don't think it was ever in doubt. But in regards to my camera, I have decided to get a news lens for myself. It's the Canon 70-200mm L USM Lens. It's pretty awesome. Bill had this lens and I quite liked it. The price in HK is quite a bit less that Canada as well. Almost $300CDN less. I opted not to go for the IS because of a) money and b) it's not as sharp from what I hear. So maybe once I get this super new lens I'll take some more paparazzi style photos...

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