03 October 2006

Teaching Honglish

Alright, I've been pretty patient so far, but gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! I need to vent. I realize that small children need to be shown repetition to learn, but this is ridiculous! From what I understood, I was for the most part, in total control of my lessons I teach. Not anymore! I had planned a small part where the kids would colour in a picture of something representing the letter we had learned that day. Today for example, the letter 'B'. The kids were going to colour in a picture of a Boy. I thought this would be fine, as it's what I do Saturdays for my class, which I was shown to do by that school and my learning centre. I liked that because they actually gave me an outline! Well for Tuesday/Thursday, the school I teach at is slightly unorganized! I was told I could not give them pictures to colour, because they already did enough worksheets etc. like that. Thanks for telling me in advance! gaaaaaaaaaaaah. These kids are too young to understand any games I can describe, there are too many of them anyway to play games without creating havoc. So in the end, from what I understand, all I'm supposed to do for 20 minutes is repeat 1 letter and it's sound. For 20 minutes! Don't you think little kids would get bored outta there tiny little skulls!!?!??! I would!?!?! And I do!?!? I know it's easy as hell for me to teach this, but the kids loose interest after 5 minutes of the letter, which they all already know! Because they all already know the alphabet! Why am I teaching them what they already know! No pictures or drawing for me I guess. So now I have to figure out how to make 20 minutes of phonics interesting for kids who already know the letters. Grrrrrrrrr..........

UPDATE: The silly school decided to let me in on the marvellous big bin of teaching supplies I was supposed to magically know about. Like reading minds I suppose. Thanks!

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