08 October 2006

China's National Day

National Day in Hong Kong/China is when China became a country or gained it's independance etc. etc. At least I think that's what it's for, no one has told me officially what it is. I make my own conclusions. Anyway, in Hong Kong it's is very nice because not only do they have a day off work for China's day, they also have one for Hong Kong, on July 1st. 2 days off! woohoo. This year, and I'm sure many other years, they had a huge firework display over the harbour. It took a bit of convincing, but I managed to drag Mai along. There were tonnes (millions) of people along both sides of the harbour, so we really didn't get a great spot. I think we saw about 1/3 of the show, meaning 2/3 of our view was blocked. We got to our spot about 10 minutes before it started. Even if we had been there 2 hours early I'm not sure we would have seen it all. It was very very crowed.

As for the fireworks, they were really cool. The first half was pretty lame, but the ending was awesome. I've never seen so many go off all at once. And we only saw 1/3. They were launching them off of 3 boats, so I guess we saw one boats worth. I did video tape a bit of it, should have it on Utube sorta soon. I'll let you all know...

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