08 October 2006

Four Mooncakes and a Fire Dragon

Wholey Mooncake! Had I known that I would receive 4 large mooncakes from one of my schools, I would not have bought one. I'm starting to get my fill of mooncake, they really are quite heavy little things. Having said that, I will do my best to eat them all, as Mai does not like them...

On a more interesting note, fire dragons are cool! As part of the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival, Hong Kong puts on a 'Fire Dragon' parade through the streets near Causeway Bay. After seeing the insanity of the National Day fireworks (I haven't posted about them yet, but I will!), I showed up early to the parade anticipating a huge crowd. It was quite large I guess, but not huge by any imagination. I managed to get a good spot, and was able to follow the dragon as it made its way up and down the various streets. There were also bagpipes and drums. All in all a good night. I took many photos, as did the nearly 2000 other photographers, who were literally 'in' the parade! Right beside the flaming dragon they stood: silly sillyness. This would have been a much better "parade" if the photographers weren't allowed to actually go right up to the dragon, I guess they were all from newspapers etc., because not just anyone was allowed over the railings. It really took away from the parade, but made the whole thing amusing, you'll see from the photos I just posted (Oct 10th). Check out the photos at http://jonathanevans.blogspot.com

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