17 October 2006

Blue Sky Anyone?

Not in Hong Kong anytime soon. The air pollution has gotten so bad in this city that it's almost twice as bad or worse, than Los Angeles USA!. Anyone who has ever seen a shot of that city's skyline on a smoggy day knows how bad it is. Well factor in higher humidity and a chinook's worth of pollution from mainland China, and you have what a smogfest looks like in Hong Kong. I didn't notice too much at first, mainly because the high heat was annoying me so much. Now everytime I go outside I notice how dirty the air really is and how it must be taking a few minutes off my life everytime I breath. The government here is sort of starting to do something, but according to local lobbyists it's not even close to enough. In a city as fast paced as Hong Kong, the pollution fix could not be more slow. I'm not blaming my current sickness entirely on the pollution, but it's the biggest factor I'm sure. There isn't much HK can do about China blowing their crap all over the city here, but what they can do is get rid of the gross diesel running cars/buses/vans etc. that pollute the crap outta the streets. Most of the roads are stained black from it. I think it's absolutely gross. Coming from Calgary, the cleanest city in the world from certain polls, I agree that Hong Kong could possibly be the dirtiest. Ugg....

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