01 February 2007

Kam Lai is Best!

Something tells me I should stop complaining about being an English teacher.

Last night was the going away party for the English coordinator at the kindergarten I teach on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This school has been my favorite ever since I started teaching. When my supervisor told me it was the best kindergarten in Hong Kong, I didn't really think much of it because they say stuff like that at each kindergarten. This one, however lives up to the billing. The party last night was held at the Hong Kong Regal Hotel in Causeway Bay. It's a very nice hotel, quite expensive, and the buffet spread was amazing. I'm sure it wasn't cheap and there was at least 30 people from the kindergarten attending. Most retirement dinners in Canada aren't this nice. So for a kindergarten teacher I thought it was pretty impressive for HK.

The buffet included almost every type of seafood. Lobster pasta, scallops, crab legs, salmon, freshwater fish (not sure where they came from), all kinds of shellfish too. There was lamb (very good), Canadian steak! roast pork, chicken, duck, various Indian curries. Also there was all different types of sushi and sashimi. A full salad bar, fruit etc. and I was getting a little full. Oh yeah, there was dessert too.

They had a chocolate fountain/fondue for dipping anything you wanted. I went for the cream puffs and doughnuts. Also there were marshmellows. Other dessert included ice cream, any topping you wanted, any kind of fruit. There were 5 different cakes, real cheesecake! (usually they don't have real cheese cake here) There were chinese tarts, puddings, oh so many yummy things to eat.

Did I eat all of the above? You better beleive I did. Before arriving at the party, I had a bit of a stomach ache, so I hadn't planned on eating much. But when I saw it was an all you could eat buffet I had no choice but to ignore my pain. Haha. I'm feeling a little tired today, but I'm not hungry at least.

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