27 February 2007

Back to Work


Holidays are never long enough, no matter how long they are. This week I am back at pretending to teach English, and the kids are back at pretending to learn English. It's a good system...

The New Year break was great! I wasn't overly busy, just enjoying not having to be anwhere, sleeping in EVERY day. I also had the chance to go see the Chinese New year (CNY) parade and fireworks. The parade was great, and the fireworks were as well, but it was cloudy and rainy during the display. What made it so miserable was not the actual display (because despite the rain and clouds the fireworks were still awesome) but the waiting in our spot for 2 hours! Woohoo. It was slightly amusing watching the police attempt at crowd control. The papers here said approx. 330,000 people were along the harbour watching, but that doesn't include anyone who was inside, and I have no idea how they can estimate even that number. The total number of people watching along the harbour (in or out) was probably closer to 1 million+. It was busy. Mai and I decided to go eat while the mass crowd found its way home. The fireworks lasted a total of 25 minutes and they say something like 28000 were shot off into the sky. Waste of money? Possibly, but it was cool. At points it looked like HK was being bombed.

Here's the video (it's been up for a week, yes I know very quick of me)

CNY Fireworks YouTube

And of course you can't have anything in Hong Kong without shopping. I bought some new shoes. Yup, I know, great story...

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