27 February 2007

Big Losing Streak Due To Sequins

Rugby News: Typhoons loose 2 in a row...

This past weekend the Typhoons played the snobs of the league in the Hong Kong Football Club Sequins. Ya, they're called Sequins. Really tough name.

Going into the game, we had come off a loss to Happy Valley, and we were looking for a miraculous win against the team of 500 from HKFootball Club. Everyone on my team hates them for various reasons, with the main one being they are all stuck up jerks called Sequins. The overall feeling was that we were going to loose, as they are the top team and basically pay to be the top team, but the gameplan was to smash em up as much as we could and damage their pretty sequins. (No they don't actually have sequins on their jerseys)

The Typhoons actually had the lead in the early going, and we were all a little surprised at how we seemed to dominate early on. At halftime the Sequins only lead us 12-10, but we should have been up 15-12 if our kicker hadn't missed a 2 yard kick of easy preportions. In the 2nd half, one of our players got sent off for telling the referee where to go, so we were down one man the whole 2nd half almost. This pretty much sealed our fate. In the end they won something like 30-10, but it didnt matter much as the game meant nothing in the standings. Next week is the playoffs and we play Gai Wu - we have won both our games against this season. There is no reason to believe we shouldn't win again, but it's always hard to beat the same team 3 times in a row, no matter how well prepared you may be.

If we don't win, the season is done, and we have 3 weeks off to prepare our drinking skills for the Hong Kong Sevens tournament, to which I have tickets, weeeehehehehehe.

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