12 February 2007

Guam Reflections

It was only last weekend but Guam seems so far away now. Coming back to reality and living amongst 8 million others will do that to a person. As short a trip as Guam was, it left a superb impression on everyone and many are planning a return trip next year to defend our drinking/sportsmanship trophy. At the end of the tourney, we came away with 2 wins and 2 losses, the odd thing being we won our first two - odd being because we had literally just hopped off the plane and almost everyone was still hung over from drinking before/during/after the flight. Our coach received the only yellow card of the weekend, on the plane.

So we were on our best behaviour as to represent the town of Hong Kong well. We started off the weekend on Saturday with 2 smashing wins against rather sub-par hooligan/island teams from Guam. Within 5 minutes of the first match the opposition had spat at, punched at, and threatened our huge prop who is ex British Navy and now heads up Gucci security for all of Asia. Fools. We roughed em up good and came away rather unscathed. I think the score was something like 14-0. The first games of the round-robin were only 8 minute halfs, so 14 points is a tonne. The idea behind it was that it was a fast paced game, 10's they call it, meaning only 10 men aside.

The 2nd game was much the same. We won in a shutout again I believe over a team of Guam inmates (I might actually be right in saying that) and were trotting around like mockingbirds should. The 3rd game is where we got a good taste of ass-kicking. We lost something about 35-0. Which is pretty appauling. We did well to make it to the 3rd game though, so none were about to cry at the loss. Especially since it was against the stacked team from Guam Rugby Club. We weren't even in the same league, not even close. No worries.

On Sunday we came into the playoffs well rested and highly optimistic. Too bad the night before was spent eating and drinking at an all you can eat surf and turf. Does American beer count as alcohol? Assuming it doesn't, we were all totally sober by law (Canadian beer law that is). The only booze they had on the island was labelled with some foul 'Bud' type logo. I guess free is better than none. Despite a good effort, we lost a tight match in the first playoff, so our weekend of playing time was over. Many actually prefered the early exit, as it gave us time to enjoy the palm tree lined beaches and more free beer.

Sunday evening was the awards 'banquet' where we were crowned 'Best Sportmanship' trophy winners. Possible because of our decision not to streak the field during the championship game, maybe because of our lovely singing all weekend, and maybe cause we played some good rugby. It was a toss up to which reason swayed the judges.

Monday was the day we left, but not until the evening. Most of the Mockingbirds (Typhoon touring name) decided to soak up some sun on the beach. It was like being in Japan with all the tourists walking around. The water was nice, but beware of foot-slicing coral if you ever go. Some of us rented water bikes which were quite enjoyable. The day ended too early, but it just makes me want to return even more next year.

Congrats to the tourney organizers, it was a great weekend!

A rare site, passing out under the large tents.

We called this the 'Gimp' mask. It was generally to be worn by anyone forced into slightly risky behaviour or deeds of fouling other teams.

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