18 February 2007

Happy Chinese New Year!

Today marks the beginning of Chinese New Year! It has been about a month of constant pig decoration and festivity, and it's finally here. Tonight I will be going to the night parade along the streets of tourist central TST. I'm expecting the worst in terms of crowds and possibly a 3 hour commute home afterwards. The parade does run 1.5 hours, so hopefully the crowd will come and go throughout that time. Other than traditional dragon dancing and firecrackers I'm not sure what the parade will consisit of. I will be bringing my bag of electronics so don't fret about seeing some evidence.

Tomorrow night is the crazy silly fireworks display. For National Day we didn't have a great view, so I'm determined to show up early and see the whole sky lit up. The amount of people will most likely be far greater than the parade, but at least I'm tall. If the flower market was any indication, it could be a lot of elbowing people for position.

Happy New Year to everyone! It sure is nice having two in one year, and it makes 'Winter' go by a lot faster with all the holidays. By the way it's +24 today - so cold - brrrrrr...

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