04 June 2007

Random Update

A few things that have happened in the past that may have not made their way to print yet.

1) Rookie Trophy

May 18th was the AGM for my rugby club, the Typhoons. I won rookie-of-the-year honours and a big tacky trophy to go along with it. I played pretty much every minute of every game in Hong Kong and Guam this season which when you play with 30+ year olds is a big deal I guess.

2) Flights booked for Canadian tour.

I am coming back to the Great North mid July. This means I will have about 5 weeks to spend in Vancouver, Calgary, and Winnipeg. In total I have almost 8 weeks off for summer vacation. It will be too hot to move in Hong Kong in August, so I will have to plan some shopping or something when I get back mid-August.

3) Fujiko is turning Japanese

Mai's cat Fuji is leaving us tomorrow morning. She is going to Japan with Mrs. Ishii to start her new life abroad. She is going to be living with Miki (Mai's Sister).

4) We Are Moving!

Only 3 weeks now, and we will be living in our nice new convenient apartment in Taikoo. It's about 20 minutes closer to Central, so it will save me heaps of time.

5) Blue Sky?

The winds are blowing towards China, so I would hate to live in Northern China during the summer. I imagine the skies to be a nice shade of dirt.

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