11 June 2007

Rain Rain Go Away

So apparantly 150mm of rain in one night causes things to get wet. I have to say I didn't really notice an overly huge amount of water accumulating anywhere. Why? Hong Kong has kickass drainage! I watched something on Discovery channel and there are these massive reservoirs under the city that collect excess water during storms and typhoons etc. It also helps when the mountains are all covered in concrete to stop the land from falling off. Sacrifice aesthetics for less mud-slides I guess.

The people in mainland China were not so fortunate. The death toll from the rains has been reported at 60-something, but being China it is likely close to a few hundred. Not only do deaths go un-reported, the government downplays absolutely anything that could cause them to look bad (Just try and mention human rights and Olympics in the same sentence). It isn't really their fault that people choose to live in areas where it floods EVERY year. It's about as stupid as Americans who choose to live in Tornado-Alley and then complain about the weather.

In other news, Chinese police-authorities somewhere in Guandong attacked and beat-up two 50 year old fruit merchants for selling fruit on the street 'illegally.' First of all, they were 50 who were they harming? Also I would like to know why selling fruit is such a huge deal. Anyway, the beatings caused 10,000 people to riot in the street and attack police. Wonder why you don't hear about this on the news? The government of China ordered a media gag-order. It was just leaked on the internet. Oh by the way, the 50 year old man died later, and reports of a 15 year old protestor being beaten to death are also surfacing. All for some cheap fruit?


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