21 June 2007

Moving Day

2 more days!

I'm pretty excited to be moving to our new apartment. It will be a huge difference in commute time, and the area we are moving to has much more to offer. It is called Kornhill.

There are 2 movie theatres within walking distance, a HUGE department store (Jusco) and numerous supermarkets. After living on the far-east part of HK Island I have to say there is absolutely nothing to do there. That was a bit of a mixed blessing as it was nice and quiet and the air fairly decent, but when I think back we really never did anything there. We were always out and about in other areas of Hong Kong.

Mai actually works very close to the new place so she can walk to work. I will save about 30-40 minutes a day in travel time as well. We are right up against a 'mountain' and there is lots of hiking nearby. Also the MTR is within a quick 10 minute walk.

Due to the crazy amount of shopping prospects, my wallet might suffer a bit of a blow. Jusco department store is awesome. You can find pretty much anything there.

Our new apartment is a bit smaller than where we live right now, but not too much. It's very clean, and has been renovated recently. I'll post a few pictures after we move in.

Tonight will be our last chance to pack most of our things, it's funny how everything seems to multiply when you have to move it all.

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