13 June 2007

I Like Umbrellas

Let me start by saying I DO NOT like being poked in the eye with them you jerks!

Ok now that I got that out of the way, my love of umbrellas. Anyone who saw my work from the last year I was in art-college will know I did a piece called 'Raining Under the Umbrella.' I needed an actual umbrella for this piece so I tried to buy one...in Calgary. Easier said than done. It does rain in Calgary, quite often actually, but just try and find an umbrella in this 'dry' city. I ended up having to get a golf umbrella because I could not find a normal umbrella anywhere!

Back to Hong Kong. There are so many different types of umbrellas here it is amazing! You can buy them anywhere, with any logo you choose, for like $20HKD! No wonder Mai's family has a small collection in the closet. I always forget to bring one, so I use my backpack most days, but really with the amount of rain here I should remember to bring one. Apart from having to safe-guard my eyese at all times, I like when it rains because the sea of black hair turns into a maze of colourful umbrellas bobbing up and down. It's cool...

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