25 September 2006

Valley 15's Tournament Results

I'm still alive, that's the most important detail from Saturday's rugby games. It was kind of a weird tournament set-up, but it was easy going which made for less stress on the body. Being 15's, there was 15 aside on the pitch, which made it difficult for us because we didn't quite have 15 players. A few guys on the team managed to steal some players from other teams/devisions, so it was all good. The tournament wasn't too serious, so swapping players didn't matter much. Each game was a straight 15 minute game, no half or anything. 15 minutes goes by very quick, there wasnt much chance to score, but we managed a few tries.

The first game ended with us losing 7-5 mainly because we missed our conversion kick, and the other team got a lucky offside call to win their try. We dominated the physical part of the game for the most part, with some nice aggressive tackles and mauling. Mauling basically means pushing/blocking to advance your group.

The 2nd game we won 7-5 on a great last second play which allowed us to score and convert our kick. All was for not though, as we didn't make it to the final based on our first loss. Not much of a big deal really, not much to play for, and it was too hot and we were all dead anyway. The team that won our division was actually the team we beat, but they made the finals on a basis of points scored in their other game.

All in all I'd have to say my first competitive action in awhile was a success. I touched the ball only once, but made a few nice tackles and have some awesome bruises to show for it.

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