12 September 2006

New Furniture

After sleeping on a cot for a week, I decided to get myself a new bed. Thanks to IKEA, I now have a super duper cheap bed, that should hopefully last me at least another week. I've had IKEA beds before, but this one is by far the cheapest. It's fairly solid, but the matress leaves much to be desired.

If you are looking for cheap semi-reliable furniture, go to IKEA, it's very easy, and if you're familiar with the store, it will be a painless ordeal. Delivery is very cheap, about 1/5 of what it costs in Canada. In Hong Kong not many people have cars, so delivery is much more common. The showroom is fairly nice, and you can test out what you get before you buy it.

I checked out a few more places in Causeway Bay, but they were all super pricey. If I end up getting a nice English Teaching job, perhaps a better bed may be in my future, but not for now.

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