20 September 2006

Phoons Rugby

Despite the fact I haven't played any type of organized sport in 5 years, I decided it was time to get back at it and join a local rugby club. I have been wanting to play rugby the past few years, but I've never had the time. The opportunity of being in Hong Kong means I have a few club teams to chose from. I decided to play for the Causeway Bay Typhoons, mostly because they are closest, but also they seem like the most fun.

I had my first practice tonight, and it didnt go as bad as I thought it could have. I'm really out of shape, but I managed to keep up for the most part. The season doesn't start till October, so I have a few weeks to get into game shape. We have a 15's tourney on Saturday that I should get to play in. I'm excited, ever since I stopped playing football in Winnipeg I've always missed sports.

The nice thing about this club is that they have a pretty stable sponsor and HK rugby in general is supported very well as there is a lot of support because of things like the Hong Kong Sevens tourney. For anyone who doesn't know, this is a rugby tourney where only 7 aside play and has gained lots of international support.

Anyway, the first practice was good, and afterwards we went to the sponsor pub, where the first 3 pints were free from the club. Very nice. Also it's the first place I've been able to get proper nachos since leaving Canada, so that was awesome. All in all I'd say it was a very positive impression of the Phoons. I've linked the site to the team page on the right hand side of the blog.

As the season goes I will update of course, but I'm happy to be on a team again and it makes living in a foreign country much much easier.

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