17 September 2006

On the Menu

Probably one of the hardest things to get used to in Hong Kong is the vast array of food choices there are. I've already notice a huge difference in terms of cost depending on where you go to eat. Here is a list of food I really like and some things I've learned.

Good Food (Prices in HKD)

1. Chinese waffles on the street, numerous locations, $10
2. McD's Icecream, only cause it's super cheap, $3-5
3. Soy based juice, very tastey, and not too sweet
4. Popcorn* tentative, but i've heard it's yummy at the theatre
5. Street food / Local restaurants = CHEAP!
6. Chain American Restaurants = make you feel at home, but pricey
7. Beer from the grocery = much much much cheaper
8. Inn Side Out - Nacos are awesome ($65), under palms in Causeway Bay HK Island, sponsor of the rugby team

Bad Food

1. McD's grilled chicken, there is nothing "grilled" about this, it's just gross
2. Pickled anything, uugugugggggg
3. Sugar cane juice, not my type of juice, and way too sweet
4. Fermented bean curd, I didnt even taste this one to know I would puke

Misc. Food tips

1. Location - Food in malls is expensive, but easy to order in food courts. They tend to be all in English and the tellers speak very good English usually. However it cost at least $50 for anything decent.

If you want really good dinner for pennies practically, go to a less touristy area and into a local restaurant. We had a huge plate of food each, a tonne of choices on the menu, and a full meal was I think $24. The downside is, it's all in Cantonese, and the waiter/waitress don't speak any English, so it's kind of risky.

2. I've been told eating street food isn't a good thing upon first arrival, but I did it anyway, and it's really good and cheap! I guess the safe thing is to make sure it fresh and cooked. Stay away from the 7/11 Slurpees if they even have any. According to my girlfriend they made a bunch of people sick a few years ago because they never clean the machine.

3. Water is cheap/plentiful at the grocery stores. Bottle of water at a restaurant = $36. 6L/bottles mineral water at the grocery store = $36. Easy to figure out which is best.

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