25 March 2008

The Other Side

I stumbled across this website as I was looking at a few websites trying to get a little more information about what's happening in Tibet. Basically, every news source you look at is saying something completely different, which only leads me to believe they are all full of shit. The only reason I continue to believe China is covering up murders/violence/crack-down rests on the fact they continue to be very against showing any proof otherwise. They continue to block imagery and video coming out of the region, they continue to deny entry to various foreign AND local media (they won't even let the Chinese media in). Anyways, like I said you cannot really trust what anyone says about anything these days, but as usual there is a side that supports China. It's called "antiCNN.com" The naming of this site sure gives it a load of credibility... I don't look at it as a firm opposition to the anti-China reports which are in much greater number. But it's another side to a very intriguing story. It's also quite commical with phrases like "Tibet's not a country!" (Follow the pictures on the site to see what I mean) Chinese are very specific about language details, like swearing (tour guides don't like it). Too bad they aren't as picky about human life details.

> antiCNN.com

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