13 March 2008


Late last night the EDB (Education Board of HK) decided it was going to 'close' all kindergartens and primary schools in Hong Kong until after the Easter Holiday. The decision means that all regular classes are cancelled, but the schools will remain open as usual to provide care for children that NEED it. This is the point nobody is seeming to get. The school closures are meant as a method to prevent the spread of mysterious magical flu viruses. Yet some parents still seem to think they can bring their kids to school despite being house wives or having a full time nanny.

The notice we sent out today specifically states that children may only come to school if there is no one to take care of them at home. Seeings how 95% of our enrollment have either stay-at-home moms or nannys, the school should be empty tomorrow. Should be. I had one parent ask if their child could still come to school and play as there was going to be teachers. I had to repeat about 3 times that coming to school was not really an approved option, as the whole point of closing the schools was to eliminate chances of getting the flu. The mother was also a full-time stay at homer. I'm starting to think some parents want their kids to get sick. You would think 3 children dieing would scare away parents from sending the kids into school. For the most part it has, but about 40% of students still came to school today. I'm expecting tomorrow to be about %10.

I have also read a few comments online about how the government is causing parents undesired stress by forcing them to look after their children. In Hong Kong this makes total sense, most parents haven't got a clue how to parent. It's also pretty evident they would rather go shopping all day than stay at home with their child.

Is a new Louis Vuitton bag more important than keeping a child healthy?

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