17 December 2007


So far this week/weekend I have booked and cancelled about 3 different hotels. We're not going anywhere for Christmas so I thought it would be nice to go somewhere to get outta the 'flat.' Hong Kong doesn't agree with me on this one apparantly. Everything is either fully booked or rediculously expensive. As of right now I can fly to Canada cheaper than stay in a hotel for 2 nights.

I have found slightly better luck in booking a restaurant. Numerous hotels and restaurants have super-duper buffets for Christmas. Numerous means a lot, I think every hotel has one. Most of those were booked as well unfortunately. Gah! Anyway I have managed to secure a booking at some restaurant 29 floors up somewhere in Kowloon. The group it's a part of is quite nice and it has good reviews and views as well.

On the phone they told me we had to finish in two hours, ha! What are they gonna do, kick us out after 2 hours? Sure, they can settle the bill themselves with that attitude. Maybe they'll cancel the bill! Just like everything else!

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