22 April 2007

Hong Kong Humid Index = 10,000 %

It's humid today.

Mai and I went for a hike with her two co-workers, and I almost melted. I don't feel dehydrated, rather I feel TOO hydrated. And It's only April, not even the rainy season yet. I do however enjoy thunderstorms here, they push out all the bad air and are followed by a day of nice cool dry air. If only they lasted longer.

As for the hike we went to Tai Tam Tuk Resevoir. It's actually not too challenging a hike but the climb takes you up and over the mountains from the North side of HK Island to the South side of HK Island. The scenery is fairly impressive considering HK Island has no scenery to speak of. Almost every view has a building in it, but this hike was fairly isolated.

Back to work tomorrow...

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