19 April 2007

Holidays are never long enough.

Yes I just came off of my 11.5 day Easter holiday, but that's still not enough time to remove myself from the fact I still have to teach English. Summer is only what? 3 months away? Let's just say I can't wait to be done with this year. I enjoy a few of my classes, well only one really, and that is the one where I am the only teacher in the room and it's Grade3 students. It gets really annoying having an assistant teacher. At first I thought it might be nice, but now I quite loathe them. They're are nice to talk to and have run errands for me, but when they try to help me teach English it just doesn't work. To teach English would require one to speak it first, but that's just my overall feeling.

What else is new? Yesterday I saw the horizon for the first time since being here. 'Squally Thunderstorms' are quite a nice way to blow away all the crap in the air. I almost felt like I was back home in Canada. That thought was erased when I looked towards China and all you can see is a brown line across the sky. Yuck...

I also encountered my first crazy man on the bus yesterday. Everyone was sitting peacefully on the 2nd level when this man (whom I was sitting beside) answered his cellphone like it was across the city from him. He yelled so loud almost everyone in the bus turned around to look. I wanted to ask what he was saying. The conversation lasted only about 20 seconds, but he must have said at least 3000 words. If only I spoke Cantonese. Also George Lucas(Star Wars) must have spent some time in Hong Kong, because some of the sounds coming out of people's mouths are quite hilarious. I'm not making fun of Cantonese people, just the sound they make. It's not my fault that 4/5 people here are rude, loud, mumbly and generally messy and disrespectful. It's not a stereotype, it's a majority. The other 1/5 are really nice though.

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