03 January 2008

Slow News Day

Q: What do MC Hammer and Winnipeg have in common?

A: They both made the main news on CNN International tonight!

MC Hammer is just a buffoon, enough said.

Actually Winnipeg is always on during the weather, it shows up as one of only 2 cities in Canada on the North America weather map. The other city is Toronto (of course). They usually say nothing about the actual cities, rather just commenting on what region is having rain etc. or snow in this case.

Tonight they were talking about how cold it was everywhere, and they said Winnipeg was #1 with a temperature of -32 C. The mentioned how Miami were being babies turning the heat on at + 11 C. Anyway they continued on to Europe and how rainy and crappy it was in England etc., but before they cut away to other world new, the main anchor again mentioned how it was really ugly everywhere, but he was glad he wasn't in Winnipeg at -32 C. Reminds of an airmiles commercial >

...goin' to Winnipeg...

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