20 September 2007

Mooncake = Notsomuchfunthisyear

Ah Mooncake... At first it was a great encounter, now I can't stand you.

Mooncakes are gross. The build up to eating my original mooncake last year was fun, and the first one you ever have will possibly be good, but after that it just tastes like a soggy/hard duck yolk in some rediculously sweet paste.

Ice Cream Mooncake = Much different story.

The time of Mid-Autumn Festival is here, and Mooncakes are out in full force. You can get pretty much any kind of mooncake now, so the tradition is slightly lost. Just yesterday I had a cheesecake/blueberry mooncake. It had nothing in common with a real mooncake at all, but it was delicious.

Also you can get Ice Cream, Green Tea, Chocolate, etc. etc. Jelly etc. etc. mooncakes now. Take my advice and go for the cold ones, they lack the yummy-ness of duck egg but what you loose in taste you gain in bird-flu-free goodness.

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